Boxing program

Boxing program

Main Event Boxing and Fitness gym is without a doubt the best boxing gym in Evanston. Boxing is a highly recommended activity for people of all ages to improve their physical strength and conditioning.
Here, you can learn how
to box, fight, protect yourself, and feel more confident. Whether your goal is to lose weight and get in shape, or get into the ring for sparring and competiton, our gym is the right place for you. We teach all levels from beginners to advanced. Don’t hesitate and start your free class today!

Nowadays, our new generation of youth are glued to their phones and computers. Keep your kids active by signing them up for sports programs. Boxing is a great workout for physical strength,
cardio, balance, and foot work. At our classes children are taught how to achieve goals, have mental focus, have discipline, build confidence, and meet new friends. Signing your child up for boxing can teach physical positivity and overcoming challenges in life. We offer kids boxing classes twice a week Tuesday and Friday 4:30pm-5:30pm


How many times per week

  • Monday 05:30PM — 06:30PM
  • Monday 06:30PM — 07:30PM
  • Tuesday 09:30AM — 10:30AM
  • Tuesday 06:30PM — 07:30PM
  • Wednesday 05:30PM — 06:30PM
  • Wednesday 06:30PM — 07:30PM
  • Thursday 09:30AM — 10:30AM
  • Thursday 06:30PM — 07:30PM
  • Friday 05:30PM — 06:30PM
  • Saturday 11:00AM — 12:00AM
  • Sunday 09:00AM — 10:00AM

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